Murder in the Shadows

Launching 20th April, 2019
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About The Game

The year is 33 A.D. A prominent Roman Captain is found murdered in cold blood in a garden outside the city of Jerusalem. You and your friends are charged with the responsbility of solving the murder. Travel the city to interview suspects and collect clues. It's your responsbility to bring the killer to justice!

Mixed Reality

Murder in the Shadows is a mixed reality game. This means that while it is played primarily on a mobile phone, it involves interacting with the world around you and is designed to facilitate rich interactions between players. Learn more about the gameplay here.

Soft Touch

The narrative of Murder in the Shadows crosses paths with the account of Jesus' arrest and crucificion. As you play the game with your friends, you are softly introduced to the story of Jesus, opening opportunities for you to start a conversation with your friends.

Flexible Gameplay

You can play with neighbours in your society or coordinate a large outreach event with your youth group. You can set up the game in your living room or across your city. It's up to you!

Simple Set-up

All you need to play the game are some posters with QR codes (read more about gameplay here) and a mobile phone. Our platform handles the rest. Simply invite your friends and have fun!

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Launching 20th April, 2019


Murder in the Shadows is a mixed-reality game. This means that while you primarily use your phone, you still have to interact with the world around you and with your other team members.
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Scan QR codes to enter locations

You'll be given seven posters each with a QR code on them. These seven posters correspond to seven locations in the city you can explore to find suspects and clues. Simply scan the QR codes to enter the locations. Posters can be placed around your living or church hall - or if you really want to have fun, around city!

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Explore locations

Once you've entered a location, you'll see a number of people and objects you can interact with. Click on charactres to talk to them and click on objects to find out how they relate to your case.

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Interact with characters

The main way you'll find clues to help you solve the case will be interacting with the characters in each location. Click on a character to start talking to them via chat. Ask them questions about the murder or about suspicious objects you've found. Be careful: not everyone's friendly!

Murder in the Shadows

For any further information about the game or how you can partner with us, feel free to contact us.

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